This is a message from Charlie Hotson about our recent concert "The Composer is Dead" ..... what a compliment from a consummate professional.....

 All at the NSO                                                                   

 Thank you! Thank you for an experience I will never forget. I am honoured to have been able to perform with you, the talent you all have blows my mind! Very few people will be able to lay claim to such a wonderful experience. To have performed with a full symphony orchestra, with people who have studied and honed their craft to produce such amazing sound and stir such emotions in not just myself, but an audience of hundreds whilst also having jobs and lives! Wow! Just wow! What an honour! What an inspiration, I hope that young people and audiences truly appreciate the skills that you have and if I can help in any way with bringing more youngsters to see you, it would be a pleasure. 
Thank you again for making me feel so welcome and giving me an opportunity to do something I would NEVER have thought possible! Thank you.